Regional Roadshow Reports

The Commission reports back on each of its roadshows in regional Victoria.

These web pages detail the results of roadshows: 

Barwon - Southwest

Grampians - Mallee

Quarterly Reports

The following reports are available to download: 

April - June 2018 

January - March 2018

Information sheets

(All files are .pdf)

The Pathway to Treaty (flyer)

The international experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How we got to this point (Victoria)

A history of Treaty (Australia)

Final Report: Design of the Aboriginal Representative Body

This report outlines the Aboriginal Treaty Working Group's final recommended design for the Aboriginal Representative Body, as informed by community consultation and the recommendations of the Community Assembly.

It was handed to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Hon Natalie Hutchins MP in March 2018.

Pathway to Treaty

This is a brief, 2-page summary of the journey to treaty.

It sets out the role of the Representative Body, and its responsibilities.

Final statement: Community Assembly

This is the final report from the Community Assembly, a group of 31 Aboriginal people who resolved key questions in late 2017.

The Assembly made recommendations around the election process for the Aboriginal Representative Body.

Every recommendation has been accepted by the Treaty Working Group.

Establishing Instrument of the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission

Proclaimed by Governor in Council on 12 December, 2017

This Establishing Instrument creates the office of the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner.

It specifies the Commissioner's responsibilities, and outlines key matters relating to the operations of the Commissioner, such as staffing, governance and reporting responsibilities.