Aboriginal Treaty Working Group

The Working Group represents Traditional Owners, statewide Aboriginal community controlled organisations, and young Aboriginal people.

It has been the key voice to government in the process to date.

It has guided government's engagement and consultation with community.

With the launch of the Commission, the Working Group has a new role to:

  • Provide strategic guidance to the Treaty Advancement Commission
  • Provide expert advice to the Commissioner on the perfomance of their functions
  • Advise the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs on the performance of the Commissioner

It is made up of:

  • Mick Harding (Chair)
  • Eleanor Bourke
  • Janine Coombs
  • Jamie Lowe
  • Wayne Muir
  • Muriel Bamblett
  • Indi Clarke
  • Aunty Di Kerr
  • Vicki Clark
  • Geraldine Atkinson
  • Paul Briggs